Hein Gericke website

Maybe I’m wrong, but I tend to judge a product not just by the quality of the item, but also by the presentation and attention to detail in the marketing. I figure that if a company can’t be arsed to pay attention to detail when simply writing things down, then I’m not sure I want to trust my life to their products.

Which brings me to these trousers on the Hein Gericke website. They’re really quite special. Apparently they haveadditional padding on shoulder and elbowadditional refl ective pipingSaS-Tec CE-approved back protector polytetrafl uorethylene Basically, they’ve just copied and pasted all of the features for the jacket and the trousers into a single page, and not bothered to run it through a spell checker (hence refl ective piping and polytetrafl uorethylene).

But I have always wanted shoulder padding in my trousers - I do struggle with that sometimes!

oh, shoulder padding in trousers, can heartily recommend it!

Noticed that too, not only on HG’s website, but a few others too when I was looking around recently. In the end as long as the item’s good though, I don’t really mind if some muppet behind a computer doesn’t know how to copy/paste/edit properly. Unless it’s an extreme case, then I avoid 'em.