Hein Gericke Maxwell Summer III textile trousers, blk, medium - £70

I have had these textile trousers since spring and used them a few times.
They are perfect for warm/ hot weather because of the venting system - very cool (literally).

The following link should bring you to a page on the Hein Gericke site describing them - http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/shop/product_info.php/cPath/1_2_99/products_id/3229

The trousers come with knee armour and space for hip armour to be added.

They retailed for £119, but I’m looking for a lot less than that - £60 (reduced).

Please PM me if you are interested. I am quite willing to deliver them to either the Borough meet, Ace Café etc.



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From the HG site:

Just one day of sweltering in the heat will make you wish you were wearing these pants.

Function : Width adjustment at waist for a perfect fit. Nubuk leather reinforcement at impact zones. 2 patch pockets. Reflective strips.

Protection : HIPROTEC IV CE-approved knee protectors. Hip protector pockets (HIPROTEC CE-approved protectors can be added as an option). SAFE stitch seams.

Construction : Leather/textile mix (40%cowhide, 30% polyamide, 30% polyester). Mesh lining (100% polyester)

Combination : HG Maxwell Summer III jacket

The mesh panels are in the front and back of the thigh & shin areas BTW.

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Reduced to £60

another bump.
what lovely weather we’re having.

trousers = cool :wink:

BTW, I also have a summer jacket that would go well with these - £85 for both.
PM if you have any questions!

only £79 brand new now matey.


won’t get much more that £30 for those now… Better keep them to ride that scooter of yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for letting me know.

Will you be making an offer? :wink:

Exactly how can that be ‘+1’? That is a statement of fact rather than an opinion to be agreed with. Whatever.

Again, thanks, making an offer?

Well, I don’t think even Sam could work her miracles enough to make them fit you :wink: (one to many croissants)

Yep, I have a scooter. It’s perfect for me at the moment - you’re just jealous I get 150+ miles/ tank :wink:

Err…thanks for B.U.M.P. I suppose.
These are still available if someone wants to buy them, as are a pair of unbranded leather trousers and the famous Joe Rocket summer jacket. If no-one buys, I’ll probably give them to the local charity shop or something.

define medium, what’s the waist size?

garret (17/06/2009)

I got 179 miles on Monday before having to push the bike (only for about 10 meters though…) :smiley:

well, I’m 31" waist and they fit me very well with the Velcro waist ‘resize’ buckles all the way in (there is room for expansion).
The leg is short.

Hope this helps!

I’ve just been reminded by another LBer (who has tried them on) that these trousers fit 33-34" waist as well.

what about a 42? would they fit a 42?

Is that US or UK?