Heathrow- M25 speed cameras

Might be helpful…

Heard from the 27 June 08 all the variable Speed Cameras in the section of the M25 near Heathrow Airport (JCT 10-15) activation limit is being lowered.

The cameras are going to be lowered at the normal 10% of the speed limit + 2mph (80mph + and your taking a risk basically) when the signs are not in use i.e. national speed limit. I can’t confirm the activation limit when the signs are set (variable limits showing) but think it would be the same 10% + 2mph of the speed shown by the sign at that time.

Think originally they were set to 90mph which is why some people might have got away with going abit faster than allowed!!!

Hopefully that makes sense and saves a few of you getting points on your licence!!!

Ta for that.
Was wondering (don’t know whether anyone can help) if, when a lower limit is showing i.e. 50, you can still get done by the cameras if under 70. I’ve never been done but I’m not sure if that’s down to luck or not.

don’t quote me on this but the 50mph signs are an advisory speed limit and not set in stone. Well as long as you mean the ones on the black boards with the orange flashing lights.

Not always the case, but the variable speed limit signs are enforceable as are speeds posted on matrix signs.

Much as I hate to sound like an anorak, whatever speed is shown is mandatory and going over, irrespective of the national speed limit, is an offence. You usually get a warning first of the change of speed limit, however the ones which are shown with a red circle around it, is where the change of speed applies.

Need to go an take a rest now, that sounded grown-up!!

I know that it’s an offence - I just wanted to know whether the camera was able to pick up on said offence with its nasty little lense.

I have just come from the M25 on the guildford to heathrow (clockwise) section and saw the speed cameras on the back of the notice boards on the counter-clockwise lanes firing away… it was almost a strobe effect going on…I thought that they aren’t allowed to hide the cameras? - these drivers being caught by the camera will have no idea that they have been caught until the letter arrives at their door…

I went through there 3 weeks ago doing 85 and throught I was going to get a ticket. Nothing has arrived and they have two weeks to send it to me…

Been done on that stretch - anti clock - Heathrow - 52mph when the red circled signs showed 40 mph - I think the limit was changed as I hit it as I drive that section a lot and am normally careful.

I always understood that the cameras were’nt ‘allowed’ to capture you if the variable speed sign wasn’t lit up - so now that’s changed eh? Bustards.

The speed limit cannot be enforced by law until several seconds after it changes. I forget how long but it is designed to give plenty of time to slow down 10mph.

Ahhh, isn’t that kind of them… Thieving c*nts!