Heated underpants?

Any viable alternatives to just taking a short leak? I find it works for short trips but after 50 or so miles it just feels damp and after 123.7 miles it`s getting pretty cold again:)

This certainly works a treat when scuba diving in a wetsuit but should only be tried in a motorcycular context if you don’t mind your leathers smelling like a sewer. Having said that, the Romans did use urine for doing their laundry so this might actually be a way of cleaning your leathers. And after it’s dried you can always sell the resulting ammonia etc for farm fertiliser and the manufacture of gunpowder.

Had a friend who had to let go during a 10 minute 9m deco stop in his drysuit. Nobody would unzip him.

JS, try getting so windscreen jet piping and taping it to your John Thomas and have the other end on just poking out the bottom of you trousers.

I tried this but couldnt find any megabore tubing, anyway Id have to get textiles with a third leg or a pair of elephant pants for it to fit!:slight_smile:

get some thin filament wire and interweave it into ya grundies plug into battery et voila warm n toasty danglies :D:D