Heated jacket vv normal winter jacket

So I need a new winter jacket, I was looking at heated jackets and wanted peoples opinions.

I’m not after recommendations just peoples thoughts on both. I’m only really commuting 30-40 mins each way a day so would a heated jacket for example benefit that short a ride.

Can’t comment on a heated jacket, though I’m considering a heated liner. But I’ve used heated gloves on a 20-30min commute and its defo worth it for me.

I never needed a heated jacket what I ha e has seen me through -5 and I don’t wear a jumper just a shirt and base layers

I was toying with the idea last winter however even when we had the cold spell and it went to minus 5 I was never cold as had heated gloves and just had a thin fleeced jumper over my winter base layer and the winter lining in and my commutes 45 min each way

Bought a Keis heated waistcoat in feb this year and definitely worth it… pulled out of storage this week but turned it off pretty swiftly as not cold enough yet.
After using for the first week in feb I was kicking myself for not buying one in previous winters. its glorious.

Went from thermals, t-shirt and a jumper to taking out the lining and just wearing a t-shirt and the waistcoat. cuts down on the winter michelin man look.
commute is 45 min and will defo be wearing when colder, had a couple of cold trips down to Devon and was toasty as F all day… not needed to run more than half power so far.

Easy enough to plug in as put wire hanging out front of seat ready to go when I saddle up, heats up in a couple of minutes, within 5 you’ll be turning it down.

If you’re commute doesn’t involve much motorway/high speed stuff then probably not worth it. If it does, then the extra comfort is noticable and keeping your core temperature up also negates the need for heated gloves/grips.

I commute slightly longer, and in a set of RST Blade textiles. I wear a tee shirt and sweater underneath and they keep me toasty all through winter. I’d think about a good set of textiles instead of heated. Having said that, I AM going to buy heated gloves as I can’t seem to keep my hands warm.
Another thing to consider is whether or not you wore to the bike or not. My 18 yr old FireBlade charging system is something I’m protective over, so I don’t want to wire to bike. I’ll be buying RST battery powered,

Thanks guys has pretty much summed up my thoughts. I was thinking good jacket and heated gloves but wanted to see thoughts on jackets.


Have a Keis long sleeved jacket. Great bit of kit which heats the arms, chest, back and neck. I normally just wear a long sleeved t-shirt under it and can’t remember having to use it above the first heat settings.

I try to use summer gloves for as long as possible and using the heated jacket seems to help with keeping the extremities warmer for longer.

I don’t use the jackets supplied liner, just this.

Only this I don’t like is the standard Keis heat controller, but purchased a wireless controller for this season which just attaches to the bars. I do like. Way the jacket is already prepped for using the Keis gloves and trousers if you wanted to go the who way.

Get a good jacket, and base layers. You can add a heated waist coat later if you need it.

Buy a larger than normal fleece and wear it over jacket …works for me . Easy to remove on warmer days gloves tuck into sleeves easier …
And wear a buff .cut out any wind entry and it raises the temp without cables

I bought a rukka jacket from ebay. that used to take me 3 hours motorway at christmas to see family and I just needed a jumper underneath.

Generally I’m a fan of having things that do one job well. So I have a mesh jacket and when I’m cold I add layers. I’d get (and I’m pondering getting one this winter) a heated vest, or maybe a heated long-sleeve thingy. But I wouldn’t bother with a particularly winter-specific motorbike jacket, and certainly not something that tries to be heated and protective and waterproof and comfortable and remotely affordable because it’ll be crap at most of those.