Heated Grips for Triumph Street Triple R - 2010 model

Hi folks,

Does anyone on here have recommendations on heated grips for the Street R? I had H&G grips on my old standard street, but we had to file down the handle bars to enable them to fit. I’d prefer ones that simply go over the handle bars (without making them too massive) and don’t involve any filing down of the original bars.

I have looked online and Triumph do not have any for the Street R specifically.

Anyone any ideas?


check ebay out should find something on there

I’ve got oxford on mine, works perfectly fine. Have auto-off functionality which helps a lot as well.



Hels, pop in to stockwell and see Saj, he will sort ya out:)

H&G? Ive R&G ones fitted since the factory fitted ones failed last winter. Take a little longer to heat up but once they do, they’re fine. Auto off too.
A fraction of the price that Honda wanted. The rubber on the grips is wearing a little quick though.

I got the elements from ebay and put them under my grips. they’re not adjustable temperature but they were under a tenner

I have Oxford on my Daytona 955i with the auto-off functionality works a tread & my mate has them on his street as well

You know when the biking season is officially over - posts for heated grips or thermals lol

Wash your mouth out with coolant Miss Plum. The biking season is never over Never, never I tell ya!
(Insert evil laugh)

I have a new, boxed pair of these at home if you want them - say £25? Obviously I can’t really recomend them since I never fitted them.
They say they’re to fit 22mm or 7.8inch bars if that helps.


Yes the biking season is never ever ever over (even when you are stuck on a motorway in a hail storm in January after accidently staying out to play too long :D) I am a great believer though in wearing heated clothes in any temperature below 17 degrees :wink:

Monkimark - that looks like a really great price for them. How do they compare to the 70 quid Oxford ones? Are you ever at OMC / BM so I could have a look?

Have heard of the R&G ones before also.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions.


Ah yes, the January ride…remember it well Brrrrrrrr.

If you’ve not sorted anything between now and our next meet Hels, I have a brand new set of R&G grips, which I bought for the KLR and still in the box. I could bring them along for you to check out if you’re interested.

That sounds fantastic!! I’ll give you a shout Martin - maybe can have a look over the weekend. Are you sure you don’t want them for the KLR?

Never really felt the need to fit them in the end…the hand guards keep the wind chill off the hands. Six days off for me from Wednesday eve, so sure we can sort something out.

TBH 17 degrees is around ideal biking temperature, keeps the engine temperature down on the old Trumpet.

That’s fantastic Martin - will text you to arrange something.

@ Chris/Jullie 17 degrees is indeed a nice temperature :cool:

Thanks everyone for your great help and assistance - once again LB comes up trumps with a thread leading to some new heated grips!! Excellent!!