Heated gloves

after having ridden through the last 4 winters I’ve decided it’s time for a set of heated gloves too.

Has anyone used the EXo2 storm shield gloves? They’re a bit cheaper than the gerbings but I’m not sure how they compare. Would be good to hear from anyone that’s used them?


At £140.92 the fully armoured Gerbing gloves are cheaper than that website.

I only got as far as trying them on… the fit was appauling and I can’t remember why but I remember feeling that for the price they looked a bit shabby. Poorly cut I think.

Also One size was way too big and the immediately smaller too small…


I had a look at these at infinity just to see how they fit… The overall quality was pretty poor so ill check out the gerbings instead as they seem to be getting better feedback

Got to work at 5:45am the day before yesterday and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off. Thought it was appropriate to make myself late for work (despite being in the locker room) and order some Gerbing G3s. At £100 and free P&P from Two Wheel Centre I can’t complain.

I’ve received my Gerbing’s hybrids. They’re well made, very warm and have so much more feel than my old Spada Enforcers.
Got a size up from indicated on size chart, and Large fits well for my long fingers.

Also very speedy free delivery by Powered Adventure, on my doorstep the next morning.