Heated gloves

I’ve been using Spada Enforcers, but with the temperature drop today nearly froze my fingers off.
I’m in need of some heated awesomeness at a reasonable price. Any recommendations?

I’m riding a CBF 125 so not sure if wiring gloves to the bike is a good idea, might need battery operated?

Gerbing gloves mate with sort you right out.

I have wired mine in now and will be at BM tomorrow evening if anyone wants to feel what they are like :slight_smile:

I have had mine for about 4 years now and absolutely love them.

They will be at the NEC for the bike show i would guess.

Alternatively check out a company called keis apparel. They manufacture inner gloves as well as outer gloves plus other heated garments.

Dont buy Klan heated liners they are rubbish .

My Gerbings gloves died on a very wet trip to Germany in March, but when they did work they were great…Nice and toasty.

The only slightly annoying thing about them is routing the wiring through your clothing as the connectors can unplug quite easily.

Recently got some Gerbing gloves too. Were a godsend riding home late last night! Easy to install, just couple of spade connectors to screw down on battery terminals, then thread the plug so it sticks out from under seat. Yep, threading the control box and wires to gloves through jacket is a bit of faff. I going to try some needle’n’thread and tack the cabling onto the jacket lining. Also putting gloves on and plugging them in is spot fiddly, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

The gloves are decent though, plenty of protection etc. They recommend waterproofing them, so I’ve covered mine in NikWax stuff, but I’ve yet to try them in a downpour. Still, they’re lovely and warm, no more numb fingers!

Cheers, had a look at Gerbing and noticed they’ve got a hybrid model that can take small battery packs within the glove. Is the actual glove similar to what you’ve got?

The price tag is a bit scary but on the plus side doesn’t need to be connected to the bike’s battery which I’m not sure would take it on a little cbf 125, and would be less complicated to do the cabling before heading out. On the downside I’d have to keep recharging it all the time.


I have the armoured hybrid gloves. They can take battery packs but that adds a lot to the price. They are only 2.2 amp and on 75% power which is all you would need most of the time, that is only 1.6 amps so even a 125 should cope with that. Heated grips are about 4 amps and most 125s can power them.

I recommend http://www.poweredadventure.co.uk for price and service re Gerbing gear.

The price tag may look steep but when you consider i use mine half the year and have had them for about 4 years its not a lot for nice warm fingers :slight_smile:

Because they warm the backs of your hands unlike heated grips, they warm the blood better which then travels round your body and so keeps you warmer than the grips.

I will be at BM tomorrow with them if you are about and you can have a better look and try them out then.

They are also easier to move to a new bike or between bikes than heated grips or muffs. All you ned is a £10 battery harness and you are away.

+1 for Gerbings Heated.

The price is certainly worth it which you’l realise after your first winter with them.

I have actually been on the motorway in mid-winter, and my hands have been too hot!

I’ve got mine set up so I can actually flick them off as need be via the switch mounted on the inside of the fairing. Means I also dont need to faff around wiring them through my jacket too.

The Keis heated inner gloves are good but I’m going for Gerbings or similar next time because as PJ says you tend to end up using them from now right through to April…
…and last year my left Keis inner started to malfunction and burn the back of my hand. I still use them but it’s like purgatory…either I disconnect them and get frozen digits or I have them plugged in and get a nice red welt on the back of my hand! I managed 70 miles today with a sort of rictus torture-induced grin on my face but personally I am willing to put up with this just because I hate cold hands so much.

Rationally I should be getting some Gerbings and sod the expense. …

…yes and sod it I have just ordered some…

Thanks will try to pop down to BM

Thanks for the recommendation Julian. I’ve ordered the hybrid gloves from them :slight_smile:

Thanks, that gives me some piece of mind regarding the battery.
Will try to come by BM today to have a look at PJ’s and if all good will order some!

Thanks for showing me the gloves the other day PJ, definitely convinced.

Have the money set aside for this now, ready to order. Have you guys found them to be true to size?
The size guide with measurement around the knuckles says Medium for me, but do have long fingers so thinking of ordering Large?

The Gerbings seem to have short fingers and palms, which is odd. My hands measured as a ‘small’ according to their table but I had to send them back and change for medium. They are okay but still the palm is a bit short but I have to wear inners with them as they are otherwise generally bigger. Having said that a large would probably be too big for me. You’re laughing if your hand size happens t ofall in the middle of their scale otherwise it’s a bit pot luck. Return and replacement was very quick BTW.

I bought the large, but measured medium. fits fine on left hand but currently a fraction tight on the right on the knuckles and strangely third finger :blink: but I’ve only used them twice so far. so hoping it’ll give.

Odd. I measured large and bought large expecting to have to exchange for XL, but large were OK.


Do you think they get a cowhide and just chop it up into roughly glove sized pieces and then throw them into buckets labelled ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ and hope for the best? :ermm:

My pair were medium (I tried on large and medium in Get Geared) and whilst the fingers are the right size and the palm fits ell, the strap across the wrist is far too long and will need adapting for a secure fastening once they give a bit. They are bloody warm though! :slight_smile: