Hearing aids and helmets

So have just found out my hearing is knackered, long been expected but never had it officially tested until recently. Years of abuse to my ears ranging from weapons handling as an Army cadet and live fire excercises in the Army combined with motorcycles and motorsports has taken its toll. Am going to be fitted with bilateral hearing aids which made me ponder, how do people get on with these and motorcycle helmets?

 Although if they’re not compatible with My current helmet it’s not such a big issue as I won’t wear them, however for work I’m going to have to wear them with my helmet, which is flip face so makes it a bit easier to get on and off.

I’d imagine the modern tiny hearing aids that sit in the ear canal rather than around the ear should be no worse than ear plugs.

A lot of bike helmets are designed for Bluetooth headsets so they have recesses for the speakers next to your ear - might be a bit of extra space if you need it.

hah, the speaker recesses on my arai are nowhere near my actual ears

Perhaps your ears are in the wrong place.

Bloody hell Curtis. At least you have a legitimate excuse for the old selective hearing thing at home eh :slight_smile:

That would be ideal but I’m being fitted with the large behind the ear type. If I get on with them then I will probably have to look into getting the smaller in ear ones

Funny you say that as the part of my hearing that is damaged the most is the higher frequency and female voices have a higher frequency :hear_no_evil:

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears!!

Right. I’ve worn a hearing aid for 43 years, so can give you some insight into this perplexing matter.  Stone deaf left ear and 10% in right ear with 87db loss in speech range.

I don’t wear a hearing aid riding. Simple as that. I have acutely developed visual abilities and use my surrounding to interpret the road conditions etc… reflections off shop windows (I look like a gorilla on a monkey bike) and such.

With the inner ear aids you should be okay, but watch out for feedback and wind noise. Some digital hearings “turn off” with too much wind noise.  PM me for more info if you want. I am travelling soon, so might not see messages until after 8th March.

I too been wearing behind the ear aid for about 35 years in right ear, left ear is dead. I could never get a normal helmet on with hearing aid but my schuberth c3 pro easily accommodates it as you know you can prise a flip up helmet apart a bit when putting on ot off. I would never wear the hearing aid while riding though as it will give feedback as the helmet presses against it. However you can set to the T setting or bluetooth setting to use with satnav or phone on the move. I have used mine on the T setting which then links wirelessly with a neckloop which in turn links to a phone or satnav through bluetooth. Actually works quite well though the T setting picks up interference when motor is running so its a compromise. Bit of faffing about getting it sorted but when the need arises its good to have the option.