Heard of the Gunbuss?

I just saw in Top Gear magazine The Gunbuss, it is BIG, I say BIG!

Think of the biggest bike you can imagine and then multiply it by ten.


12 feet long.:crazy:

Weighs 650 Kg or 1,430 lb’s in old money.:w00t:

The engine, please be sitting before you read this…

A V-Twin of 6.7 litres!:Wow:

That is Six point Seven litres!

A fellow called Clemens F Leonhardt intends to make a "Limited run of them.

There is a pic in the mag and you need to see it to realise how big it is.


Chris I.:cool:

Just looks silly:

The pc in the Top Gear mag was much smaller.

That is surely the daftest bike ever…unless you know otherwise?:unsure:

Just look on Google - plenty more pics just as silly

How about these silly machines:

No traffic problem there. :cool:

you wouldnt get the “sorry mate never saw you” on those would ya :slight_smile: