headstock bearings

Hi guys, i have a problem with my head stock/bearings, ive had metropolis in vauxhall looks at it 3 times, theyve tightened it twice and on the third time replaced bearings and tightened it up. However after 2-3 weeks of it getting tightened up it all comes loose again making the front end feel proper sketchy when leaning it and when on the brakes. Any suggestions?

Might be the new bearing bedding it. Get tem to tighten it again and see how that goes mate

Take it somewhere else :w00t:

Hi, im happy to have a quick check F.O.C. if your in my area?

In my opinion, the bearing should not need tightened after being fitted for 3 weeks if fitted correctly!

cheers, Mike


I assume you’re sure the problem is the steering head

And you’re also probably aware of many stories about
how bad the SV’s front suspension is :angry:


The SV front end really is pretty poor, it clanks and
clunks like a good un, bounces over ruts and into
pot holes. I’ve owned sports bikes for the last 15yrs
and switched to a FZ1 three years ago. Six years
ago I toured NZ on a SV650 and in the last year owned
a SV400 and now a SV650. If you want a precise smooth
front end you will need to upgrade the standard SV.

Stuff I’ve heard…
If you want to spend a lot and go racing then swap the
SV front end for a GSXR one. For normal use the
consensus is just put emulators (and springs) in the
forks and a GSXR shock on the back.

Saying all that I still think my standard SV is great
and it’s light enough and nimble enough to get away
with its defficiencies.

i had similar - i had mine tightened (same model) and still felt slightly sketchy but now after a couple of weeks of commuting its feeling better - maybe it is the bedding in? Not a pleasant feeling in the corners!