Headlights for CG125

Hi all,

with the darker nights setting in this has become a higher priority - I own a lovely little 2002 Honda CG125. Unfortunately the headlights on it are rather dim and I don’t feel safe zipping around unlit roads at night. Especially those windy country ones where I slow down into the bend and my headlights dim with the lack of throttle. The other issue is that when I turn on my full beams they give me zero help at all - they illuminate the hedges at the side of the road very nicely but not the road in front of me. Not overly helpful…

So, just wondering if this is something wrong with my bike, whether anyone can recommend a better bulb or any other helpful hints?


This was something that always used to annoy me when I had my CG125, but never got around to changing them. I even thought about putting my cycle lights on it at one stage as they were brighter!!

Just had a quick search and found these two threads



it looks like it depends on which CG you have, either a 6v or 12v one

You can get straight replacement brighter bulbs - a mate of mine did this on his car, a good improvement for not much money.

I know Halfords own brand came up well in a Which? magazine test.

I hope that helps.

As discussed in another thread here, the best mod according to the forums that CG riders inhabit, is a larger headlamp reflector.

You can do a fair bit quite cheaply by changing the headlamp bulb.

“Ride” magazine did one of their product tests on a number of bulbs claiming improved lighting and some gave a better colour light, a better shaped beam and higher intensity.

The best of the bunch showed a substantial improvement over the standard bulb and while a bit pricey was not the most expensive.

Unfortunately, I can’t find that issue in the bog library but I’m sure that either the Ride website or a phone call to the magazine would give you the answer.

I’d try that first. What’s the worst that can happen? Still not good enough? Well at least you have a nice new bulb for any new headlamp unit you fit and a spare (the old bulb) to carry with you.

Excellent - thanks all!