Headlight wiring

Last week I noticed my T-Max was only running on sidelights. Closer inspection revealed the n/s headlight bulb had gone. There was also no dipped beam from the o/s bulb, but main beam was OK, only the o/s headlight has a dual dipped / main beam bulb. I couldn’t remember if both worked on dipped or not, but fitted a new bulb in the n/s. The wiring diagram in the manual indicates that the n/s only has a dipped beam bulb and the o/s has a dual dipped / main beam bulb - so presumably dipped should work on the o/s side as well?

In any case, today I noticed the n/s bulb had blown again and I was back to sidelights - after less than a week. So, could it be wired in such a way that the o/s dipped beam potentially being blown could overload the n/s bulb - hence it blowing so quickly, or is that not how it works, I’m crap at electrics…?