Headlight concerns at high speed

I’m a bit worried about the headlight on my bike…can I depend on it to operate at all times?I am fitting a turbo-charged supercharger to the bike along with many other mods and expect it to be very quick when I’m done.:wink:

My question is - When I reach the speed of light will my headlight go out…or will it be OK?:slight_smile:

Careful that it doesn’t burn bright like the sun burning all in its path!!!

I don’t think light is percievable in a black hole…so as long as we don’t get sucked in, you should be fine. People in front of you won’t be able to see it, but you would be able to see it as you will be behind it. Or rather, you’ll be able to see its reflection off your screen. And thats all that matters when you’re going that quick!

You gonna film it? :cool:

You want to talk to Street Hawk

You’ll have the strange experience of overtaking your headlight beam, so if you do make sure you dip

you will drive in the dark


That’s what I was afraid might happen… I’m searching the web for some of those very long range lights in the hope of gaining some extra braking time when all goes pear-shaped:)

once you reach the speed of light all your mass (in theory, small bits of you will remain) will have been converted to energy, therefore you can safely pass through any obstruction. ergo no forward vision required, just very strong underpants.

…yeah what they all said


just make sure you dont stop inside anything solid or you are well and truly stuffed!!!


If you travel slightly faster than the speed of light; surely the light will appear to come out of your arse?

lol but if the light source (bike) is travelling at the speed of light and is emitting light also at the speed of light in the direction of travel, then the forward light will be travelling at light speed x 2 . . . we know particles can travel faster than the speed of light so he will be able to see.

The problem will be the depth of vision, will 30m be sufficient ? At the speed of light he’ll be doing roughly 300 million metres per second. At that speed he’s got 1 ten millionth of a second to react to something 30 meters ahead . . . so as long as his bike can stop from light speed to nothing in 30 meters he’ll be fine ! :wink:

Nothing to worry about :w00t:

Always one who has to apply logic. Good points though:D

Startrek, mate. Get onto the Enterprise and “borrow” some of their kit, like inertia dampers and sh1t…

Dont forget the light will suffer from a doppler shift, all thhe waves will start to bunch up and interfere with each other (ooo err missus) and the light will change in both intensity and hue, to the point it actually becomes more of a dark than a light.Best get yourself a set of HID’sstopping distances are irrelevant, as you will have passed through whatever object before you actuallty see it.as a side note if your mate was following you, would you see him/her in your mirrors?

let us know where you end up once you’ve hit that obligatory diesel patch at light speed

Bloody hell.

They’ve just spent trillions on this particle accellerator thingy in Switzerland. Now I find out they could have done it all on a bloody motorcycle.

Daft sods. Why didn’t they think of that?

Einstein calculated that it requires infinite energy in finite time to accelerate to the speed of light, therefore you’ll need at least a litre bike. A ZZR is the choice of most particle physicists.

As ever, ride your own ride and do remember that, as you will have returned before you started, you can ask yourself if wet weather gear is required and pre-order at the tea hut.

Do keep an eye peeled for Schrodinger’s cat.