Having probelms with our online shop? Solved.

We know quite a few people have been having an issue with the new shop - when you add items to the basket they disappear before you can buy them… the solution it appears is simple… visit the shop here

and it works a treat!

So for those of you having a problem buying a calendar for the LAA visit here

and it works a treat!

Any issues give me a shout…

So far we’ve sold 20 calendars - which I’m really happy with given the short time frame and the difficulty we had with the store… next year we’re going to get them printed in the UK and actually have a pile of them to sell rather than using Cafe Press… but the important thing is we’re due to give the cash to the LAA (including the £179 raised by the raffle at the crimbo party) at the end of Jan… so get that order in now and help the London Air Ambulance.

We’ve now made

£179 from the Raffle
$260.20 (pending no returns) for the calendar


Matt Just checking that you didnt do that bulk buy you mentioned before we order

PS they are cheaper on ebay



Hi Tricksie - nope just quoting the stuff from the shop.

End of January we’ll also be giving the T-Shirt money (just over £200) to the LAA - plus the £25 from the text competitions.

Sticker money doesn’t get donated to the charity - just the old t-shirts… sorry I should have been more clear - just wanted to say what we’d raised through the shop and over Christmas - I think I posted about the T-Shirt money last time you asked?


very cool :slight_smile:

We’re looking at a new UK based shop at the moment - but there’s an issue with their website intergration at the moment - as soon as we move over to the UK based store everyone who’s bought from the cafe press store will recieve a 20% discount on their first order.


Any progress on finding a UK alternative to Cafepress? Although Cafepress’ stuff looks nice, the shipping costs are a bit off-putting and the US dollar prices are somewhat incongruous on a UK site (although if the pound continues to shaft the dollar it might work out very cheap to import from the US).

Have you looked at www.spreadshirt.net?

It’s all changing very soon, watch this space!