Haven't been here in a while

Things really changed here :scream:
How’s it going guys and girls?

Anyways I’ll reintroduce myself
I’m Shaun, 29 and living in west London.
Currently riding a 1999 kawasaki ZX9R.

Hey Shaun how’s it been going?

Is that still the same one as you’ve always had?

I had a 97 zx6r in green, then the 2014 zx636 but the last bike I saw anyone on here with was the 2015 kawi versys 1000.
Been going alright really. Life keeps moving on if your ready or not :joy: how’re you?

Hey @Shaunicous, good to see you back :slight_smile: Nice colour bike!

nice to see you back! I miss my zx9 :frowning: