Have you seen this?

A bike police officer hit by a car while he was trying to control the traffic for an ambulance to pass !!


Whoever was in the car was a plank for running into him. But a pretty stupid thing for the police office to do. Having to come to a sudden stop on a road like that is exactly what causes pileups.

Either was it looked bloody terrible hope he recovered.

That’s video’s crazy. The drivers an idiot for not paying attention. But I would not do what that police officer did, If it was that first red lorry instead of the yellow car he would of been a dead man.

Ouch. That is nasty, but copper did take one helluva risk!

to be honest the ambulance doesnt need him to stop the traffic, plenty of run off to pick up enough speed to join the traffic, but the car driver is obviously one of that rare breed i like to call TWAT