Have you knocked off a mirror?

This morning travelling to work, car cuts right across the lane without indicating and then if that not enough decided to cut right back across…

I was tempted to wack his mirror off…

Then thought umm… I travel this route everyday next time he sees me I’m probably going to be knocked off myself…

Anyone else had and near experiences?

Everyone’s had near misses but I never thought to take their wing mirror. Was tempted to punch a few people though but always calmed down.

as annoying as it is we have to try and keep a cool head

I thought thats why we have the carbon fibre on our gloves… :Whistling:

Keeping a cool head doesn’t help - I don’t tend to knock mirrors off, I prefer to take it out on the idiot driver.
Of course, if you do this and get locked up, don’t blame me (although you at least get a decent cuppa in West Berks / South Oxon nicks)

i expect it from cars now as they are all retards but what gets me fuming is other bikers and mostly scooter rider you know them knobs in suits or the french on thier vespas. they all take the pee cause us danger and have no respect what so ever oh yeah and alot of you bmw lot who are middle aged men who decide to get a bike but still think they are a car

Not all of us BMW lot though ! :wink:


Speaking from experience?

I’ve been tempted a few times, but I agree with you about riding the same route everyday.

One day they might recognise you and have you off. Not worth it IMO.

I’ve been tempted, but it’s just not worth it.

Though I have been known to lecture them as a teacher would a naughty child until they apologise.

Have you knocked off in front of a mirror? :smiley:

What dows pmsl mean?

Another good one i’ve heard of is passing on the left and opening the rear passenger door.

No damage like knocking a mirror off, but the satisfaction that the guy has to get out his cage to close it :smiley:

yes i have… off a merc it came of easy but ended up hanging by some wire…

haha, I like that :D:D

Yep… had a few roadside run-ins with drivers that have ended with me enjoying the hospitality of TVP :slight_smile:

Did you both end up in the can or just yourself?

Who hasn’t?

One time it was both of us, the other three times just me.
When will drivers learn that there’s only gonna be one winner when squaring up to an angry 6’ 2" 18st biker wearing armoured kit and a lid (and in the old days with a gert lock and chain slung across the torso) ?