Have you ever left a bike forum in a huff?????

I have…

A Triumph one make forum, originally established years (1995?) ago by guys on the early Speed Triples who lived in the north Midlands / Yorkshire area.

A lot of the original members still active with 10,000 , 15,000 posts (respect :slight_smile: )

I joined because the only other forum was Triumph Rat… a bit sterile and humorless.

I likes the banter and the piss taking, it’s what I would expect in a big livley bike forum.


There was a deep division on the forum between those with ‘big’ Trumpets (Speed Trip, Daytona T595s, original Thunderbirds,Rocket 3s Tiger 800s, Explorers and Adventurers (real mens’s bikes as they saw them ):angry:

… and D675s , Street Trips, Bonnies , Thruxies etc ( Big girls blouses bikes :angry: )

Second problem that anyone south of Milton Keynes was regarded as at best a pouf, at worst a loose lipped degenerate, lying louge lizard ( think Quentin Wilson of the old Top Gear program ) who was always using weasel , slimy words to trick reet honest Yorkshire folk like them.

I made light of it ( being a Londoner and riding a D675 at the time) and gave as good as I got but the joke wore thin very quickly.

I was never attacked but I saw others savaged and when I jumped in to defend them I was accused of stirring…:blink:

The main problem was one guy ( who had a definite attitude problem , more chips on his shoulder than McDonalds and a possible lonely drunken psycho )
who was the ‘tame’ troll … but he was an old member 13,000 posts … and the worst was all his mod mates defended him if you told him he was an arse…

Left it pronto - mods who don’t stamp on obvious trolls make for a shite forum for everyone but the regulars.

Outski! :smiley:

ps that’s what makes LB so great - none of that swaggering baby nonsense here! (well almost never :crazy: )

Have you ever left a bike forum in a huff???
I do, this one, every day. :smiley:

It’s amazing how if you get any group of people together they will instantly start forming ‘in’ groups, ‘out’ groups, pecking orders etc regardless - even when they are a relatively homogenous group of people on an enthusiasts forum.

Lord of the Flies is the Haynes manual for human behaviour.

People can also be really nice too - so it’s not a total horror show :smiley:

No, but am sure I have upset a few in my time. I remember when I first got a 650cc bike, posting up (Not being remotely serious) that 600cc bikes were for girls (or something to that effect) and getting quite a few very terse responses from various LB members - mainly 600cc sportsbike owners. Sometimes p*ss taking and banter are not always understood.

That’s not Triumphtorque is it?

That’s the only other forum I know of, I am on it but don’t post much…I don’t have a lot to say!


probably i’m not trying very hard. :smiley:

No, but I know someone who has :wink:

Was it a huff, or a flounce?
I think a flounce.

The very one…

I am talking about three years ago. It might have changed but I bet it hasn’t very much…

Nope, because I give as good as i get and take it all as a joke - if someone wants to get serious they can do it face to face, although the there are a LOT of keyboard warriors on here that never show up to meets or go on rides and then have the cheek to say this site is clicky (if you get out, you will be part of the WHOLE group)… They are the ones that do my head in, if you cant say it in person then dont bother & the ones that DO venture away from the keyboard all have a laugh & joke together and get to earn the right to take the pi55!

Nope but people come and go every year. The forum continues…

Come to think of it, the two most ‘pi55 taken out of’ members in my time on this forum are Westie & Ginger… But they do deserve it! :laugh:

Nope, it’s the internet, it ain’t worth getting wound up over

Not yet but I might… there are quite a few wan*ers on the Ducati forum! :crazy:

I’m kidding, I’d never leave a forum because of some arse (unless they’re admin/mod)… and, if anything, I’d force them to ban me :smiley:

Used to dip in to MCN forums for a while. There was a Glasgow biker on there who was a bit argumentative in a kind of sticking up for himself, but being a self-righteous know-it-all at the same time. He got a few people’s backs up and it all got a bit nasty with a lot of abusive comments. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I used to like winding him up a bit as well. Nothing harsh, but others were properly tearing in to the guy with some really vitriolic remarks. Then he had a spill and some members were on to him saying ‘Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person’ etc etc. MCN mods banned a number of them, but they reappeared with new profiles and continued the same old stuff.

Never been back on the forum since and rarely even look at the website these days. There’s less dafties (relatively speaking of course :wink: ) on LB, and much better bike chat from people with more than 2 brain cells.


used to go on MCN but some of the little englander comments and outright racist remarks used to get to me so decided to not go anymore.

There some people on this site I have no time for so just ignore them

I have been the black sheep of every forum I have ever attended. I am really not good at ‘cliques’, which is what you all mean to type when you are talking about in-groups.

I am also intensely argumentative, to the point where on one forum I frequented I was called a communist and on another I was called a right wing fascist.

I have also been told that my writing style is incredibly brusque and that my failure to use emoticons leaves people unaware that my post is in jest.

I have never left in a huff, usually I just get bored and find another group of people to annoy.

Nah it hasn’t changed, they do seem quite venomous on there!

Hey don’t get me wrong I’m no shrinking violet if challenged and deffo gave as good as I got…

After the 101st anti-Southerner comment ( not directed at me ) about never buying a bike in that there London(and surrounds) because we are all theives and con-men I wrote something like…

“What the **** are you Mary’s afraid of? Do you think as soon as you come inside the M25 a load of Cock-er-nee geezers and Laurence Llewellyn Bowen look-alikes are going to arse rape you and take your wallet??? Of course you NEVER get con-men and filthy thieves in T’Yorkshire do you? :D”

That got a good response! :D:laugh:

To be honest I got bored babysitting the egos of a few twazzocks on there…

What an awesome description :laugh: