Have a thought over easter

have a thought over easter to the poor bunnies…

love it…


Didn’t get it…

awww, let me put them both out of their misery im hungry

Your joking right?

vrey good

Wish he were…

Cezar: chocolate bunny #1 complains that his bottom hurts (well, it would, as someone’s taken a huge bite out of it). Bunny #2 says ‘What?’ as he can’t hear, as somebody’s bitten his ears off.

LOL, but even more so at Cezar

é um gracejo inglês

love it…

Ginge, u got a new shovel??? alot of digging today!!


Rob, thought you were on a diet? Was it you who took a bite?

Haven’t stopped thinking about it, keep seeing chocolate bunnies running across my desk:D

Try nibbling on a carrot to take your mind off it:)