Hats off to the commuters out there.

I took my bike to Battersea this morning to get its 6k service done, yeah 6k since march 1st:cool:

I took the M3/M25/A3 and my god what a knightmare. All good till the 50mph camera at the top of the 3 lanes of the A3 then all hell broke loose, mirrors tucked in and frantic filtering, what a rush:P nothing dangerous with the journey just the obvious lack of observation from cagers and bus drivers. In a sadistic way i quite enjoyed it but i don’t think it would be a choice i would take everyday, especially on the BM.

So take care out there people and if i buzzed you this morning, tough, keep up next time:P

Commuting along the A3 is always good fun :stuck_out_tongue: Especially when they closed the westbound slip road up to the to Tolworth roundabout last week. Utter mayhem! Made for some interesting filtering though

I love my commute.

It can be frantic sometimes, but it trains you to look for the unexpected and keeps you on your toes.

If it wasn’t for the commute I probably wouldn’t use the bike that much, so its also a way of me using and enjoying the bike :smiley:

On the way back, watch out for the police waiting at the far end of the underpass for the people who think the 40 sign means national speed limit.

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The A3 is such a crappy road. 3 lanes, 70mph, no hard shoulder, no gantrys, t junctions with cars joining from stationary.

OK, I’m curious - why take a detour loop around the M25/A3 rather than just carry on up the M3/A316/A205? :unsure:

Ahh the joys of the A3, my daily commute!

Been mine too for the last 7.5 years, but only for for another 2 months! :):):):slight_smile:

I didn’t know i was taking a detoured route :stuck_out_tongue:
In my defence it was early, for me anyway, and i just went the reverse route to the one i take on a Wednesday night with Pouty on the way back from Borough Market. Lazy i guess:)

I do this road daily from Weybridge. Which bit are you on about?

I saw you yesterday morning dude, you was wearing a grey hoody thing over your leathers by the looks of it and a clear visor!! I thought you was “Bad Ass” :stuck_out_tongue:

Here -


The police park on the hash marks, hide behind the wall, and point their gun down the underpass to catch speeders heading out of London. They are there quite often, especially between 3 and 5 pm.

Thats good, I go past at 7:30pm or 6:15am.

Yep thats me, were you on the bike?