Hat on, ears in or out?

Baseball caps Vs ears

There are two types:

Are you an in or out ear hat guy?

  • In/under the hat
  • Out of gat

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What’s the hat type?

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The only hat I ever wear is a Schuberth C3 - if my ears ever stick out of that I will have big problems.


There’s only 2 times I wear a hat. One is with a broad brim to keep the sun off, so it sits above the ears. The other is when I’m skiing & it’s cold. In that case it’s pulled down over the ears.

standard baseball cap

Peak worn to the front or back?

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Now with the images this makes much more sense…

I’m an outie. Though the last time I wore a baseball cap was in the last century…


It’s been a very long time since I wore a baseball cap but it never occurred to me that it was even possible to tuck your ears into it and just looking at the ‘in’ picture makes me uncomfortable.

I’m all about hanging out with the wang out! ears too

Colour me surprised that it’s even possible to wear a baseball cap with your ears tucked in, let alone that anyone would even consider doing it.

I can only think that the guy in your pic above doing so must be trying to hide the fact that he’s either half Vulcan or an Elf.

actually its more popular than you think

The fact that you’ve provided a picture of one person doing it, proves it’s more popular than I thought! :dizzy_face:


going to have to add this one to the LB taboo list along with trousers in or out of boots!

edit and gloves in or out of cuffs

Bush hat for keeping sun off your head, baseball cap for keeping sun out of your eyes (ears out!). The ears pinned by the cap just looks daft! Popularity does not come into it at all.