Slightly off topic. :Mod please dont move:

if your aware of me Hastings ride this coming saturday details in the sticky in the ride out section for adding your name too if you havent and want to come. But this is for the people who have signed up weeks ago and i dont know!! can you please PM me to let me know you are still coming it will make it easier for me than PMing over 30 people individualy, i will pm the remaining few on wednesday cheers

people who know me personnaly and see alot, i know your coming so dont worry

cheers simon

if you have your name down for this ride please check your PM via control panel jus send me back yes or no so i can do a check with numbers at he ace and BP, if you send a dont know we will be gone by the times stated so if you decide last minute get to the meet on time see you all saturday lookin forward to it,

if you havent put ya name down please do so on the original thread…


You want to get your eyes tested mate if you keep bumping into things