Has the attempted robbery put you off InMoto??

It has me…

I don’t want to rock up and be targeted. I know it can happen anywhere but… :crazy:

Targeted by the staff you mean?

Really? Lew you big girl’s blouse.

I’d never leave the house if I thought like that.
I’d might put a disk lock on though if parking outside, but think I’d do that at most bike dealers now.

Lewis that’s a bit of a stretch mate.

Are you sure your feeling alright? You haven’t been taking any medicines have you?

haha fair enough.

Was just a thought thats all. Just trying to minimalise the risk thats all.

I do reckon they’ve had a neagative knock on from this though…

Oh gawd, not really… same **** different area

They were after the bikes not customers…unless you have something to tell :wink:

I think if you rock up and try to steal their bikes the staff will probably target you.

No I mean on the RSV4. I dont want to park up and have it snatched, or me take a beating for it.

Self preservation thats all.

No that’s ridiculous.

I lived 2 minutes round the corner from there for 15 years and I never got threatened attacked or anything else.

The only incident with my bike was the cover getting nicked from the yard…it’s not worth a lot mind…

Admittedly during the riots I did nearly get a scaffold pole in the chest as I rode past but that was a one off…

No don’t worry and tbh it’s a bit rough on In moto to post this up given that they are the ones who would suffer if people stop going to their showrooms through fear of something that almost certainly won’t happen. You’re more likely to get bike-jacked on your way through Peckham to get there…

Good response ^ Thank you.

I dont know the area. Need an Ape dealer but just a second thought. Just wanted to know if anyone else had it. Clearly not.

The thought of full price Aprilia spares puts me off, not the attempted robberies.

I was a bit harsh there sorry. They are a good bunch from my experience. :slight_smile:

don’t worry Lew, no-one will want to steal your bike

Well not until its had its 500 mile service.:smiley:

Take Mel along, she`ll protect you.:slight_smile:

Aprilla spares prices ARE attempted robbery in my book…:smiley:

If you start putting all your thoughts on bike forums we will have to start calling you Kaos!!

nope, why dont you buy a rottweiler and strap a bread box on the back of you aprillia and when you go in shop tie dog on to bike with chain?

with a poncey bike your more likely to get jumped anywhere you ride so best to put it away and never bring it out.

I am not, nor am I ever likely to be, in the market for the bikes they sell, but if I were then the EXACT OPPOSITE would be the case.

I deeply regret not being there when this incident took place. I would have relished the opportunity of giving one of those little scum a feel of my TCX Infinities, armed with hammers or not.