Hardknott Pass advise

Hi all
Im planning a ride in the lake district later in the year whilst on my way to Scotland and Ive always wanted to ride the Hardknott Pass
I remember talking to someone years ago about it and they said doing it one way is better than the other
any ideas ???

Jetstream will know… :slight_smile:

We did it with them but not sure which way round we went…

was it good?

A link here: http://londonbikers.com/forums/1006981/ktmmartin’s-tour-of-the-north

eezyrida has the information you’re after near the top of the thread.

What Martin said

When in Scotland don’t forget the Cairngorms Pass/National Park. Give the A93 and A939 a go, 100 miles of non stop twisties.

Googlie maps wotsit

cheers all thats awesome info

Watch out for deer! A massive one came down the bank, over a 6ft fence across in between me and mark and bounced off the otherside … Scary shiteeeee moment.

There’s some gorgeous scenery up there.

Dont bother, its not a ride more a survival course ,there are better roads in the lakes.

Stop at the pub at the top :smiley:

As Jet said, it’s a challenging road, you wouldn’t do it other than to get a look at the views… having said that, they are nice :slight_smile:

My feeling is I’m glad I’ve done it but I’d rather now go and do a lot more of the other roads in the area…