hard wearing tyres

forget finding a good middle ground between grip and longevity. my commute is now nearly 90 miles a day and I need a tyre for a CB500 or NTV that’ll last and last. any suggestions?

Bridgestone Battlax BT-023

a friend of mine now buys really cheep chinese tyres… says they are sound enough for commuting. don’t know what they are called though?

I’ll come to your funeral Mian! :hehe:

maybe it was maxxis ? they are decent tyres & have been around since the 60’s in china, but there are a few other cheapo chinese brands that are probably best avoided :slight_smile:

CB500 your best bet is BT45.

or avon road rider

Pirelli Angel St last forever on such a light bike as a 500 :slight_smile: