hard disk camcorder

im looking for a good hard disk camcorder…any idea’s anyone?.

i was looking at this…looks very good to me!..



They are very good.

Only got 2 concerns with this one.

1, its from america therefore there will be a disparity in input voltage.

2, the screen resolution is rather low compared with many other camcorders out there. For example my sony has 3.3 megapixels, which lends itself to much better quality pictures.

Might be a video format issue as well: Pal versus NTSC. Ask the seller before you buy. (It may be that the camera is switchable between formats, or that it isn’t an issue which is beconming more common on newer cameras) Ask if it switches between 50 and 60 hertz, or (sometimes) 50i and 60i.

Good luck

Do you require the lens as well? I.E is this for an onboard video setup? You can get very good PVR (personal video recorders) which take a line-in from a bullet-cam or similar.