Happy Xmas LB gang

Hi guys and girls and those in the middle.

gonna slap up a Merry Xmas wish for you all, myself and the team hope you all have a great time and that Santa brings you what you want or at least keeps the receipt .

oh and camping gear may prove a really uesful pressie come Spring…


Humbug. :smiley:

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy the contents of Santa’s sack :w00t:

Happy crimbo to all:)

Merry Crimbo to all, may it be filled with happiness, joy, mince pies and plenty of booze

Have a good one all!

Heres to a bit less rain next year! Happy Crimbo!

Have a good one all x

Merry Christmas all. see you in the new year

happy chrimbo all!

Seasons greetings all stay outta harm an stay blessed .

Merry Christmas every one:D

Whos up for a ride out tomorow:w00t:

Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone, we will be heading off to our usual hideout tomorrow for a few days. (Visitors wishing to “pop by” will know how to get hold of us) :smiley:

A very merry Christmas everyone:D

Merry xmas all

merry xmas you crazy kids xxx

Merry Christmas peeps :smiley:

merry xmas all

Happy xmas all :slight_smile: