Happy Stuff...

There seems to be a little bit of doom and gloom on the forum today - much like the weather… maybe that’s the reason for it… damn JULY ****ing weather forecast… ahem, sorry…

So let’s start a happy thread.

What nice thing has happened to you today?

I came…

Home people, HOME from work

My manager confirmed (80%) my promotion


80% closer to a new bike

Someone hasn’t reversed into my car in a car park unlike Wednesday

I made it in on the train without throwing up and my bike was still where I chained it in the City overnight

Its friday at long last


Oops - just read the rest of it

It’s Friday!

And I had a special delivery of flowers sent to me at work

And someone said I had a nice bike

I rode the R6 in today instead of my usual VFR Twas raining earlier so thought perhaps it wasn’t the best day for it but looks like it might hold off for the trip home

Our department is shifting to another floor so they’re chucking us out of work early to do the move and giving us drinks instead.

Shewoolf came to visit me at work at lunchtime - always nice to know who your friends are, thanks babe

And I’ve got a monster hug to look forward to at the Ace later tonight.

Wow! I can feel the love and happiness from you all

Gina ringing me up saying she past her test.

We already knew that… but YAY!!!

You leaving work before darkness falls seems reason to celebrate !!!

I’m at a wet and gloomy Oulton Park, so sadly I won’t be joining you for that, but hey, have one on me :slight_smile:


Had an awesome ride out to Brands Hatch in the sunshine and had my offer accepted on a house! Yahoooooo it’s Friday!!

Asked by eldest 'orrible to pick him up from Lydd. Glorious ride down, glorious ride back, though he’d been up since 04:30 doing too many Army type thingies so kept falling asleep on the back. Aiming for potholes instead of avoiding them helped here!

200 miles almost to the dot, hardly 100 yards of straight or level road anywhere on route. Sheer bliss.

Scooters can be fun at NSL+.