Happy St Paddy's day

Let’s see how many plastic Paddys there are :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy St Patrick’s day peeps :smiley:

top of the mornin to ya

One here :wink:

Be Gorra Be Jeezus, so it is to be sure:D

Happy Paddy’s Day:cool:

any one let steve out of the cage yet?:stuck_out_tongue:

have a good un steve, at least you are back in time for it.

steves locked himself away terrified of all the plastic paddys

one super plastic paddy here! :smiley:
Cead mile failte:)

to all my irish peoples…have a good one be you half or full blooded irish!

Happy St Patricks Day! (From a genuine Irishman, made from potatoes, not plastic) :hehe:

Have a good one!! :D:D

no disrespect to the paddys i dont give a fvck.

just pisses me off still that every culture/nation can celebrate there days in central london where the host nation can not. Racism at its best.

Co` latha breith sona dhut Naomh Pádraig

no offence taken…

i agree, fly ya st george’s, i do(my dad was irish), and will continue to do so, and i did the st george’s day parade every year in the cubs n scouts!:w00t::wink:

Half Irish - Happy Paddy’s Day!

Agree with previous comments, in England we should be encouraged to celebrate St George and be less obsessed with offending other cultures. How come we get it so wrong when other mixed nationality countries don’t…

glad i aint at work today…bet its mayhem at Aer Lingus today…

happy paddy’s day


According to the church St Patricks day was ‘anticipated’ on the 15th this year only…so as not to clash with holy week. Anyway happy day to those still to celebrate:)

shane loving ur avatar m8

cos we are to damn PC in this country…wtf is PC anyway!!..a load of rowlocks imo:D

Happy st paddy

After being at Cheltenham races all last week with a zillion drunken Irish people, and having drunk more than my fair share of Guinness, I think I’ve done my bit for St Patrick, and will be spending tonight with a soft drink in a quiet dark room waiting for it to stop spinning.

I never celebrate paddies day.