Happy Slappers gets Slapped...

Yea so neway i was walking down the road the other day and some eediart hit the girl i was with…someone video’d it…luckily i hit them back a couple of times…


(It wasn’t me really but fair play to him whover he was)

I did hear somewhere you had a tracksuit like that though

Hehehe.Maybe back in the 80’s when Italy were still good at football…

well at least it wasn’t as far back as the 60’s when England were … lol

ever won a World Cup in color ??? hell, you’ve skipped normal color, you’ll be lucky at this rate to win one in HD !!!

You azzume i am zee Enngleesh?You are correct!

You know as well as i do we could argue all night about football.

I will concede Italy are on top at the mo

(but Serie A is a farce)

yuk yuk yuk good post


Crash Bang Wallop

Spot on!!! top man,now that IS good to see