Happy Birthday!

Right you… i know your out in the jungle probably being eaten by a lion or a lizzard or even hunting one with ur faithful pooch :stuck_out_tongue: BUT i hope your having fun and enjoying your birthday :slight_smile: Soooooooo… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Good call babe, sure Asbo will be waiting for our best wishes.

Happy birthday! :kiss:

Happy Birthday



Happy birthday fella. Hope it’s a good one.

Happy birthday matey

Happy birthday :smiley:

MHR - Stay safe and have a great day

Happy birthday matey! :slight_smile:

Happy Burfday ASBO. Hope the ambush went to plan

Happy berfday me old china. Enjoy. Maybe catch up at Box again for a winter ride out with the gang when we are both in the UK. Enjoy the jungle and hope the KTM withdrawal isn’t too terrible. Laters chuck. Helz Bels

Cheers everyone… Ally asked me yesterday if i had seen this but i hadnt.

Much apreciated Ally for starting it…

Thanks to everyone for the messages and please dont take this next bit the wrong way… You can see the more personal messages from people i realy know and they are the ones that realy put a big smile on my face…

Yes Hels we will deffo have to get on a ride. The way things are goin think im gona have to find somewhere to stay for abit round London way when i get some time off so i can fit you all in ;):smiley:

Oh and hopefully i will get to the LB xmas party but thats a very slim chance, depends on how early in Dec it is :wink: (So whoever is organising it get a move on :stuck_out_tongue: )

And Ally, there aint any tigers out here :stuck_out_tongue: Its Jaguars i been hunting with no luck though :hehe: