Many happy returns

happy birthday.

Has Paul been reading your diary? :Whistling:

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Thank you guys:D:D:D:P

Grim: no he hasn’t, I don’t have a diary lol:P

Crikey, pillowtalk then? ;):smiley:

call it what you like grim, I call it pm- private message lol:P:D

Whoops, did I say pillowtalk? I meant pm :doze::smiley:

but grim - if you look it up in the good morning topic you will see my post sayin summink abt my b’day lol

Well that explains it then :smiley:

cool:D now im off to take my bike for an M.O.T…c ya later peeps:P

happy birthday

thanx andyp69, hope to see ya at bm…:smiley:

my bike passed the m.o.t. hehe gud stuff lol

oooo well done, do hope to pop along later

Happy Burfday!:w00t:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (sorry its a little bit late)

happy birthday hun, would of got you a cuppa/cake last night if I’d known! :kiss:

Missed this one, so happy unbirthday!:smiley:

thanx again to y’all guys:D