Happy Birthday Wigglemethis!

Hey Graham!

Hope you have a good day and many happy returns.



happy bday mate, and get a clip of that looovely gixer up :wink:

oooh look wigglehismaggot is getting older…have a good un mate :smiley:


Happy Birthday Wiggles

Have a good day chap.

Wiggle-me-this, wiggle-me-that. You’re-getting-older-and-that’s-a-fact!:smiley:


Happy Birthday

happy birthday mate!:wink:

Happy Birthday Wiggle – have a superb day!

Hippy bithday Graham, have a good one

Many happy returns Sir Wiggle!

happy birthday! have a good one!

Happy Birthday :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you have a great day :smiley:

Happy Birthday dude! :smiley:

Have a good one

happy birthday dude x

Happy birthday Wiggle, have a fantastic day.

Happy birthday, have a good one :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Mr. Wigglesworth :smiley:

Love that name.

I bet you get away with murder at work…

“Mr. Wigglesworth pressed the red button sir”

“MISTER WIGGLE…MISTER…Ahh fooook it…Ha ha ha ha” :smiley:

Have a great birthday Wiggle:D