Happy Birthday to Joolz

Happy Birthday!!! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Lady :slight_smile:

happy birthday hun :smiley: Hope Ian has a nice treat for you! :hehe:

Thanks guys! :smiley:

Didnt expect that, cheered me up no end as im sitting here feeling pretty glum :doze: lol

Happy Birthday :kiss:

happy birthday :kiss:

Happy Birthday, have a great day :wink:

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

happy birthday

happy birthday joolz

HUGE Birthday wishes from across the pond, Joolz!!

No being glum on your birthday allowed! Someone get to Joolz’s house and take her out for a good day of fun stat!!!

Thanks Greg lol, well its got better.

Got a few pressies, MOS Ibiza Annual 2007 CD’s, sexy underwear and a guy on my doorstep with flowers!! And he sorted out my dodgy laptop! :smiley:

Also got a birthday phone call from another yank whos now living in Spain, whose friendship I thought I had lost, so alls well.


Happy Birthday darling.

Thanks John, when does he arrive? lol :satisfied:

Happy Birthday Joolz!

Happy Birthday :w00t:

You should of had it last night.:wink: