Happy Birthday Rioting Rob!

Oh Fat Alan, Thick Cut, Fatty Boom Boom…


Hope you have a great day!



Happy Birthday!!!

Will there be cake at the tea hut tomorrow? :slight_smile:

HBD Rob, may get to see you one day this year for that drink you owe me :wink:

happy birthday!

Happy bday you old fart!!!

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday fella , hope you have a good day !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a good one!


Happy Birfday !!

Happy Birthday Rob, have a good one…

Happy Birthday dude :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Rob :kiss::kiss:

Many happy returns, Mister Rob!

Happy birthday mate, get any nice pressies?

Didn’t get any prezzies:( did end up with a wad of cash though:D thanks all for your good wishes, made my day;)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Great day to have one… hope you’re out and about! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Robster! Hope u have a lovely day x

Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday!!! And you even got the sun to come out!! Hope to see you tomorrow! Will have to buy you a birthday tea! :smiley: