Happy Birthday Hels x

Hope you have a great day Helen:P Very best wishes, and see you soon.


Happy Birthday, enjoy your special day Hels xxx

Birthday wishes doll…

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday

Thank you very much indeed for my birthday greetings - and thanks Martin for this nice thread - hope to see you on another rideout SOON - next weekend maybe?

My birthday is actually on the 22nd, but I was a bit tired and jet lagged yesterday, so like the Queen it’s always good to extend celebrations. As I was born in the morning and technically a birthday should last 24 hours, it’s nice to be fluid around dates and I see a lot of value in kick starting today with a Champagne breakfast:D:D

Have a great day on the bikes!

Julian, is it you has just put a friend request on FB? Just checking incase it was a random nutter instead :wink:

Happy Birthday…hope you get to wear the nurses outfit :wink:

Have a lovely birthday Hels, hope the miserable weather doesn’t affect it. MHR :smiley:

Aren’t all bikers random nutters?

happy birthday

Happy birthday for yesterday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy belated birthday Hels xx.

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Hels … Hope you are having a Great day

happy birthday dear xxx

Happy bday. x

As I have said before Rusty, it’s Big Vern who wears the nurses’ outfits, not me :P;)

Cheers lovely folks - am currently drinking a glass of red wine, eating chocolate truffles and looking forwards to Downton Abbey - so not a bad weekend (only downside was a penalty fine from Lambeth Council for accidently contravening a road traffic sign on the Triumph :crying:)

…take it the speed camera in Brighton didn’t get you then…:Whistling:

No luckily I escaped that one by a miracle :slight_smile: But have unfortunately just watched video footage of me filtering at speed round a traffic sign in rush hour traffic in ’ Lambeth Wrong ‘Uns CCTV Traffic Contraventions Evidence Website’. It was amazing it was so clear :frowning:

Not my finest hour - and no I won’t post it up on here for an ‘LB riding critique session’ :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

See you Sunday if the weather is good - be nice to have a blast from Box

Happy Birthday Hells Belle!:kiss: