Happy Birthday Giuliano!

The forum says it’s your birthday, hope you’re enjoying the roads :wink:

Happy Birthday Fella…Many Happy Returns. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday mate.

Hope you have a good one.

happy birthday!!

Happy Birfday:)

Happy birthday mate

aww happy birthday matey! :smiley:

Happy Birthday J x

Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. I cheered me up enormously! :slight_smile:

It really brightens up an otherwise shyty weekend. As you might have seen from other posts, Jackie and I rode over the Reading and back yesterday (and there is even a sign for motorcycles aimed at the centre to leave the cars and join the buses on a special non-car route to the middle of town). That was to help set up an event. Today was day one, driving over to Reading with a car load of stuff, driving back to resolve a hopefully minor medical problem then back to Reading to pick up Jackie and come home. The eventual home cooked dinner and wine was very nice if the chef does say so himself!:slight_smile: We get to do it all again tomorrow.

I am currently aiming at a big enough hangover so that Jackie gets to do all the driving tomorrow.:cool:

When someone asks you aboard to help organise a major event (budget about £20,000 this year) just remember that in ten years time the venue and date might change so it ruins a special day. :pinch: Fortunately despite it being a three day event leap years means my birthday next clashes in 2012, by which time we will hopefully have been hit by an asteroid! :crazy:

nothing like positive thinking - happy birthday :wink: