Happy Birthday Flatout

Happy Birthday Mate

Hope Gill has something special lined up for you.:wink:

Happy birthday, hope you have a good one :slight_smile:

happy birthday!!!:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday


happy birthday old man :smiley:

Many happy returns. :slight_smile:

have a grate day si… i wub joo man :smiley:

Happy Birthday, MHR!!!

happy birthday!

Have a fantastic birfday!

Happy birthday Bananaman;):cool:

Hope you have a good’un:)

Looking good for 96! MHR

Happy Birthday Baby ! :smiley: x

We have just rolled out of bed, suppose id better make breakfast :satisfied:

I lost a pound on this I said there wouldnt be a post up and there was!!!

thanks everyone another year older but still holding on to my boyish good looks…

apologise for not being on line much just toooo busy and that hope to see yas all soon


What good looks.:stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday Si, I’m guessing you had a tough paper round fella?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope Gill’s given you your birthday treat?!? :wink:


Who the fecks Flatout :smiley:

Happy Birthday Fella :wink:

happy b-day fella!

have a good one:D

Happy Birthday Simon :smiley: