Happy birthday boys!

Project9928, aka Kevin: 23 today (Mon)! Hope it was a good one and the fire alarm didn’t go off with all those candles!

Andrew&7: 25 tomorrow (Tue) (and another 15 in reserve)! Hope the fire brigade got there in time…

Thanks Paivi but my mum only put 6 candles on my cake maybe I’m not 23 and my mum isn’t telling me the truth… hummmmm :S

Happy Birthday Andrew have a good one mate and see you at the weekend

Happy Birthday to you both!

Happy Birthday to you both too.

Happy Birthday; have a virtual drink on me.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday you 2



As above - HAPPY BITHDAY to you two.

Happy birthday lads.

"Happy birthday 2 u,

Mine tomorrow, Hint, hint nudge nudge

30 candles on that cake

Yay … Happy Birthday!!!

Are we still going for a drink Saturday?

Have we decided where yet?

Happy birthday lads!

lol not another one