And a Happy 12th to you as well Steve - I take it you were being a wee bit naughty to have been edited ?? :smiley:

if you mean the avator signature, nah, i edited it myself, like i said to avoid causing offence, which it may or may not have been taken as…lol

im gutted i missed bonfire night last night, but i think i may have gotton a call from the boys in blue if i started setting the garden on fire :cool:

i can however send you the original if you like :wink:

I wondered when this would come up on here! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you wear orange and listen to “My Fathers Sash”? :stuck_out_tongue:

now you know me, theres no way id let the day pass without at least mentioning it :smiley:

i used to enjoy kicking them down and getting the fire brigade to put them out when i was a serving soldier…:D.


The Pope sends his best regards, I believe he liked a march or two in his youth.:wink:


I heard orange was this summers ‘in’ colour

The banners, or the marchers? :w00t:I had some interesting moments over there myself! :wink: