Happpy Alice, not so happy bike!!!

Well finally sorted the ridiculously overpriced insurance (Italsure - should you ever need more than 3 months bike insurance in Europe) and jumped on the bus to pick up my baby.

BUT, my italian buddies forgot to tick her over while I was away and so battery was flat as a pancake :angry: After some desperate attempts at bump starting her down the road (comedy sight i can tell you!) we had to jump start her off me mates car. Took flippin ages and just as an ole dear was walking behind the bike, she bursts into life (the bike that is;)) and the ole dear disappears into a cloud of black smoke and shite from the exhaust - eek

So, time 4 a service methinks. Have booked her into a Honda garage and have been quoted E120 for a full service- does this sound about right or am i getting shafted by sexist grease monkies? Please dont ask what theyre gonna do cause I barely get it in English let alone Italian!! :w00t:

120 Euros for a full service sounds like a bargain to me luv :w00t:Well as long as they do all they say…Should at least, change oil and oil filter, change sparks, clean / change air filter, change coolant and brake fluid and replace brake pads if worn.Is that price for parts and labour or just labour…I’d ask as it seems maybe too cheap.Hope you get back on the road soon :slight_smile:

Well just need to copy and paste wat you said into babel fish and then might sound like i know what im talking about lol

Well done on your first jump of the new year babe;):smiley:

120 Euros does sound like a bargain. You wanna ask them if you can watch and learn:cool:

I am Italian and I know the price in Italy. I think you are getting a very good bargain.


Well at least you have the old girl back on the road, that would be the bike not the unfortunate Italian lady! :wink:

wot they said…


wot he pointed at