Hand Guards


I’m thinking about getting some hand guards for my Street Triple - just don’t see many bikes with them and I’m wondering what the cons are. Anyone using Barkbusters or Acerbis hand guards with LED lights? Do they help to deflect the wind? Any advice much appreciated.

Barkbusters are normally very bulky, a bit more oriented to ADV and enduro I think, they will protect the bike and keep your hands from the wind though…

Just picked up a pair of second hand Acerbis Dual Road handguards (no LED’s) for my wife’s CBF500. Not fitted yet, but can report back when I have done. Looks like I can retro fit the LED’s for about £25 which is quite tempting actually. 

they don’t deflect as much wind as you expect BUT they do provide a good base to hang handlebar muffs off of

Yeah, I had the dual road on my XJ6 but took them off because I found they made the bars a bit wide when squeezing through traffic.

They probably keep the wind chill off your hands a bit but it’s not a dramatic difference.

Not a dramatic difference to be honest. I had some on my CBF500. Now use barmuffs which mean I ride with summer gloves and heated grips.  Lovely it is.

They don’t really guard your hands when they first come out on motocross bikes they provided protection from flying bits off the back wheel from the bike in front

if you get a decent set they do look good & with the built in LEDs can only help in being seen

Always wondered about fitting some of these. Will stick to the spada enforcers then.

my striple with barkbusters, they deflect quite a lot wind and water… i like that… sorry for the size of the pics… 

Many thanks everyone - and huge thanks to el gafas for the Striple photos. Think I may well go for them. I like the idea of the LEDs for increased visibility. Thanks again