Im the one dressed as Ghost Rider whose strangling Hell Raiser (or just someone that died on the acupunture bed :D)

Great pic, makes me ashamed of my poor effort, DayRelease has a pic of me from last night I think?!? :w00t:






Where was my invite?

I didnt go antwhere so i didnt dress up, but the wife wore her usual stuff which is quite frightning.:smiley:

as the joker, from the dark knight

I should have gone trick or treating - I could have made a fortune from my realistic one armed look:)

To knackered from moving my friends on Friday.

And I never got an invite either, but I never do so nothing changes there.

John your a sick man, but I bet it would have been funny scaring the crap of the kids!

All I want to know is what is Jacklyne doing to DR in the last photo?

I went as me… Scariest looking barsteward this side of the Nagasaki scorchmark!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went dressed and Ginger…

I got kicked out for looking to scary

I went as the bat from hell as you can see in Tim photos. I looked more like a dead cat woman :w00t::w00t:

Here s a pic with Tim and the girls :smiley:

Oh Kev Jacklyn was trying to strangle my waiste with my corset the old fashion way :hehe::hehe::hehe: