Halfords 248 Loctite thread locker

Has anyone any experience of using Halfords 248 Loctite thread locker on their brake disc bolts?

Having my bikes off the road during lock down has given me the time and opportunity of doing some upkeep on them and its time to reassemble the front end. Appreciate that there’s a lot of info but feeling a bit info overload and Halfords is near me. Cheers.

I’ve used loctite 248 before, loctite are the go-to brand for thread locking usually for most people too.

my bolts didnt fall out if thats any help

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My preference would be for the Loctite 243 which I’ve been using since the dinosaurs roamed. The difference is marginal they’re both medium strength which means you can disassemble using standard hand tools.The difference…

Loctite 243 is liquid, has a stronger bond and being a liquid it runs freely and creeps into the threads so you have to apply it to one fastener at a time as you assemble. Use with care to avoid over application.

Loctite 248 is a semi solid, applied dry and you can prepare several fasteners at a time prior to assembly. I’ve never used it but seen it used and it looks awkward in comparison to a liquid.

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i find the prit stick syle applicator quite handy, and as you say you can prep several bolts in one go, and not drip it on your hands/floor

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I’m a 243 man myself, used it a few times (actually had to stick most of a bike together with it) never had any issues.

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I used to be a 248 man myself…

Then I lost about 50pounds with a strict diet

If its Loctite and its blue it will be OK for automotive assemblies. Don’t be going OTT with Loctite high strength green and red threadlockers they have no place where assemblies need to be disassembled using hand tools.

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Thanks guys for all the replys and info, hopefully front will be back together by the weekend and ready to sit there waiting for lock down to end!


Oops, sorry about that one - was unintentional :man_facepalming:

The ultimate threadlock test, for those that are bored lol

Blue Loctite 243 remains my medium strength thread lock of choice. If you’re re-assembling fastenings that may need to be dis-assembled at some point in the future, Loctite 243 is a no brainer for availability, price and performance. Note too that 243 is a better product than the almost obsolete 242 being tested by Project Farm. Better because it has a stronger bond, better because it is oil resistant, better because you don’t have to meticulously clean every thread, a quick spray of brake cleaner and your good to go, fully cures after 24 hours.