Hairy RS 1/5th Turn Throttle Mod

I fitted the Throttle Mod to my GSXR 750 Yesterday. Due to the rain couldn’t test it out.

Just been for a little blast and…OH MY GOD!!!

Whjy didn’t Suzuki fit these as standard???

The throttle response is so much better, it picks up so much quicker and feels faster!!!

It was £25 from Biker Discount Store and is basically a clip that goes over the throttle Tube making the throttle cables Toughter, this in turn means that a smaller twist of the throttle opens the throttle sooner (1/5th less) and gets the power down quicker. It is a little jerky in first but i will get used to the difference and that will smooth out in a day or two. I know the bike is not any faster but it feels it as it is getting that power on that little bit quicker so it is more responsive from the throttle.

It is a very easy instilation and took about 30 Mins. If you are a Basic DIY Mechanic it should be very straight forward.

I would suggest though, if you have never done a Throttle adjustment on a bike before then i would get someone who has to either give you a hand or show you how to do it/do it for you.

I didn’t take any pics so these are Google images and not my own, but gives you an idea of what needs to be done.

First off here is the Item.

It fits onto the throttle tube as such…

lot of pennys for what is a small bit of plastic have seen them made from pvc pipe in the past =]

i’m happy to pay £25 for the improvement it has made

I got it on the King. makes the rear rather twitchy in the wet :D:laugh:

but I am a hamfisted monkey :pinch:

I got mine down to 1/3 of a turn to full throttle. PVC waste pipe FTW. The trick is to chamfer off some of the plastic so that it rolls on slowly at slow speeds. :slight_smile: