Had your first winter breakdown of the year yet?

Yep, I’d just finished a looong hard day at work (see my ‘just lost my job’ thread) and was looking forward to the 15 mile blast home, went to start her and…

…well, OK she turned over but wouldn’t catch. Gave up after a few attempts and trying things. Called the RAC - TWO HOURS later the guy turns up, so I ask for a jump start and low and behold it’s just the feckin’ battery playing up as the poor thing doesn’t like the damp and cold.

So come on then who’s had their first winter breakdown then? :slight_smile:

optimiser is you’re answer not had a battery problem since i started usung mine :smiley:

Yep, got one mate, it’s going on tonight. No garage though :frowning:

yes i had to use the choke to start the KTM the other day… :slight_smile:

Only today? I’ve been struggling with starter issues and dead batteries (faulty cell, not a charging issue) and choke-powered takeoffs for weeks now!

Thats disappointing.
Never had any problems starting a honda apart from after riding slowly in central london, with the full beam on, heated gloves and sat nav last winter and when I realised, I turned the gloves and sat nav off for the last wee blast before parking.
There was me hoping the RR would be more reliable as the battery is newer

ps - the answer is no but only because I haven’t been using the bike enough :frowning:

is your bike a two smoke? :wink:

neither do i but i bought the extension and the bikes parked not too far from the front window so it reaches perfect :smiley: