Had your bike stolen? Police not doing anything!

Join my ride-out (if you’re lucky enough to have another bike) this saturday 13 September 2014 to warn others and to show how little the police are doing about this plague!

Wishing you all the best for the speedy recovery of your bikes.
Take care

What ride?
I’m not on farcebook.

from the facebook page:

at 15:00

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Ace Cafe London
London, United Kingdom

This is a peaceful motorbike/scooter demonstration to highlight the fact that 60+ motorbikes are being stolen in London everyday and the police are doing very little about it.

We will be leaving from the Ace Cafe London at 15:00 sharp and riding into London to Langham Street Just off Great Portland Street (next to the BBC) where several bikes have been taken lately including mine.

Everyone is welcome but please remember that this event is a peaceful demonstration (save your anger for the thieves when we catch them) :slight_smile:


Another demo at Portland Place? Is Broadcasting House the new Trafalgar Square?

Is this anything to do with MAG?

Had my '12 Honda CBR600rr stolen from a gated car park in Bethnal Green 2 weeks ago. I had a disc lock on the front and the rear wheel was secured to a clamp on the ground with a large Oxford chain, so this was not a casual thief out for a joy ride. Police took 3 days to respond and then closed the case 1 day later without even asking the car park to view their security camera footage. Apparently their policy is that they will not review security camera footage unless you can specify to within a 20 minute period of when the theft took place. Adding to the frustration is that I can’t view the security footage myself, because the car park won’t release it to anyone besides the police, due to EU data privacy laws.

I have insurance, but I’m going to be out the large excess. Also, I’m sure that my premiums and excess will go up dramatically the next time I try to insure. I really loved that bike and I am beyond angry and frustrated at the lack of effort on the part of the police. Feel helpless.

Seeing as the police have closed the case then they should be able to show you the footage.


Thanks nivag! I’ll try that approach, though I’m not sure it will work since the policy states that the footage must be of me and not of other people.

Interesting, my mate got his CBR600RR stolen from his locked garage…wall anchor removed the whole thing gone!
Fortunately police had leads and made an arrest…

…the investigation continues…