Had to take the tube in this morning

why do people do this?

By the time i reached the tubestation my hands and feet were freezing and didnt get warm till i had to get off again! of course no chance of sitting on the Piccadilly line!

Saw a bike while walking to work and was sooo jealous!

Working to work?

obviously my brain hasnt thawed yet! :smiley:

I am psyching myself up to taking the train next Wednesday as I will be having a few drinks in the evening, so don’t want to take the bike in. Best thing is to go to work a bit later than normal and miss the crush of the rush hour… At least, that is the theory…

what really gets me is when an already fully loaded train pulls in, and just when you think surely no one else can manage it, 2 or 3 people push their way in, you can see their sweaty faces pressed against the doors, WHY?! when there’s another train in 5-10mintes max!

they lack the common sense to avoid getting the tube in the first place during rush hour. surely there’s no floor to their silliness.

Unfortunately been doing this for just over a week now. Tyres are as squared off as they can get and possibly just legal, suspension is in dire need of a rebuild and I need a new chain and sprockets. Besides the fact that I learned a very hard lesson on ice a while back, none of the above inspires any confidence in winter riding.

So thats why im doing it, but man do I miss the ride. :slight_smile:

Noooo. I’m having a little operation on my wrist next week and will have to put up with public transport options for 3 weeks :frowning:

at least I’ll be on the overland trains though, not the tube, but still not looking forward to it one bit…

I never use public transport for work.

for fun only?

Usually, the next train is just as packed, thats why.

I can’t imagine not riding in because of the weather. No amount of snow, ice, fog etc would force me into one of those overfilled smartie tubes. If I absolutely could not ride in, chances are the trains would also be affected and I would work from home instead, or take a day off.

i took the tube today and ended up having a two hour journey home fulham to kilburn:crazy: only takes me 25 minutes on the bike!!!:crying:

its 5am it’s freezing and it’s dark.

do i jump in the car, turn on the heating and cruise to the station where i can get the train, play on my psp or read the paper whilst drinking a coffee…or ride 40 miles and freeze my knackers off?

it’s 8pm it’s freezing and it’s dark

do i ride the 40 miles home and freeze my knackers off or do i get the train, play my psp read a paper whilst drinking a coffee and then jump in the car turn the heating on and be home as warm as i was when i left the office.

think i’ll save the bike riding for enjoyment.

I am taking the tube in my new found bikeless status. My commute is perfectly fine - kilburn to kings cross via jubilee and metropolitan - can usually always get a seat (if I wanted one).

Oooh a fellow Kilburn’er?

I use it every day, it’s easy, head phones in with some decent tunes, you just have to travel at the right time of day, forget rush hour, I get into work between 9.30 and 10.00am and leave the office after 6.00pm, never an issue for me, it’s busy but not generally rammed at those times, plus if you go to the very front or back of the train there is usually more room anyway, if you’re lucky/lazy you may even get a seat! :wink:

It’s warmer than the bike and if you fancy a few beers to unwind at the end of the day you can have them and let the train take the strain…horses for courses I guess… :slight_smile: