Had my bike stolen

I had my street triple stolen over night.Called the police on 101 they had a report off my bike alarm going off all day the other side of hanwell w7. Not far from me And this is what I found

Awful news. The thieving element are still active.

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Awful news. Glad you got it back though. Does make you wonder what’s the point of them stealing it just to dump it all damaged :frowning:

What’s the repair look like?

I’m guessing it’s dumped to see if it’s got a tracker or not.

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If you’re going to part it out via a Eastern European scrapyard then a few damaged part’s don’t matter.


They seem to be more active than ever. It sounds like they are targeting bicycle sheds in hospitals at the moment because they know more doctors and nurses are cycling to work than usual. Countless reports coming from NHS staff now. Ditto for motorbikes and scooters.

At times like this I’d be happy to see lynching brought in for bike thieves.

Probably just amateurs taking it, cutting cables in the hope the alarm will stop.

Gutted and pleased for you as I had the same happen to me know how it feels. You get it back, but still have the headache of now deciding how to fix/repair through insurance of not etc…

Possibly local residents sick of the alarm going off all time and tried to silence it

Dicks. A fresh set of locks, a loom, a lot of swearing and a couple of afternoons should set it right, if you aren’t afraid of tinkering. The screw in the ignition barrel is a nice touch :tired_face:

Not sure what they were trying to achieve with the screw?!?

such naivety

Pull the ignition barrel out thinking they can then turn it to start the bike. I’m guessing.

Hi, Just had my Sprint stollen last night in w7. Do you mind letting me know where you found yours? I would love to go look arround

Bottom off studland road
Had another stolen last week 29th April

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Police found my bike across the uxbridge road down Grosvenor Road around the back of some Garages


Excellent news, hopefully not too much damage